An Expert in International Freight Forwarding

Our company is the international combined transport operator, who newly started the export-and-import carriage of goods by sea concerned with mainly the container consolidation service in Japan from April, 2006. The enterprise was established as an affiliated company in Japan of the global transportation enterprise group, those world networks are utilized, and services of weekly and twice a weekly are maintaining, and it is realizing the international traffics to 1,200 destinations in the world for LCL cargo.

The policy of our company is establishment of the safe and stabilized transit system, and execution of quick and exact business, on the principle to give priority especially to the profits of the customers who are export-and-import traders of small and medium-sized enterprises.Like our exact report of overseas cargo track & tracing, we are providing sincere and delicate service for customers, and we reply to all clients' needs such as handling of the international multimodal transport from door to door, and we are endeavoring constantly to provide the high-class service so that customers can be satisfied.

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